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1. At the end of Week 6, your annotated bibliography is due. What is an annotated bibliography? How will the annotated bibliography help you as you write the research paper? Provide an example of one entry from your annotated bibliography including the citation. An annotated bibliography is a record of citations to books, editorials, and papers. Each citation is followed by a short summation, which are about 150 words by and large, explanatory and evaluative paragraph, the annotation. The intention of the annotation is to enlighten the reader of the importance, exactness, and excellence of the sources quoted. The annotated bibliography will assist me as I write my research paper is that it will make the writing of the paper less of a struggle for that it will provide me some edification into making the paper more efficient and fluid. Here’s an entry from my annotated bibliography: Gershowitz, A. M. (2014, October). Rethinking the timing of capital clemency. Michigan Law Review, 113(1), 31+. Adam M. Gershowitz, a university lecturer of law at William & Mary Law School, writes upon the concept of clemency, chronicling eight court cases in which the governor of a state, whom holds the power to grant or deny clemency to an individual. Gershowitz outlines these cases using two classifications: 1) the governor & parole board did not provide any reason for the quid pro quo; 2) the governor depended heavily upon various reasons for the qui pro quo, only in which some of the
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