Annotated Bibliography Of ' The Crucible '

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Julia Glandt
October 24, 2017
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Annotated Bibliography
They had no life; they were not allowed to have a life. They were isolated from not only the white race but also their own people. Mr. Michael Reed was one of those slave owners that treated his slaves that they were nothing more than a piece of property. In his files, Mr. Reed had a ledger of daily activities. This ledger contained an hourly and daily record of everything his slaves would do. In some of his recordings, Mr. Reed would write down very strange things for what activity his slaves were doing. He would make mention when they were sick, of course, so he could know how many hours they worked, but many of his recordings were not appropriate for him to be
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This book is helpful interpretively as it helps the reader understand the relatively recent departure from an interpretation that slavery was an unprofitable and necessary evil in which African-Americans were usually treated well and benefited from their relationships with whites. Such traditions and interpretations have educated many visitors.

Lenta, M. 2010. "A chain of voices and unconfessed: novels of slavery in the 1980s and in the present day". Journal of Literary Studies. 26 (1): 95-110. (article)
This article is based on Andre Brink’s novel A Chain of Voices (1982) and Yvette Christianse Unconfessed (2006) but based on the lives of escaped slaves during 1808-1835. Both present the lives of slave women and the efforts of their slave owners to hide the illegitimacy of their enslavement. These slave women had to accept their fate of being forced into having a sexual relationship with their white masters. They are raped and try to fight for their freedom must be granted to her by her slave owner. This book encouraged later historians to consider the origins of the institution of slavery, the profitability of the institution, the motives of slaveowners, the harshness of the system, and ways in which enslaved African-Americans affected the institution. This book uses descriptions of specific

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