Annotated Bibliography Of The Usa Patriot Act

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Part Two: The Search Results Before, I had a difficult time finding decent articles or any at all. I figured it was my keywords and I needed to put less in the search bar. The articles I have found so far are really long and dry. Because of this, it was harder to comprehend. I started with the Annotated Bibliography and have found decent information analyzing. What I have been learning recently is that too many Americans are paranoid that the government is constantly looking at their emails and phone calls. Kevin Maney claims that most of the data at NSA sits in storage because no one has time to look at it all (Maney). I strongly agree with him and it seems logical. Yet Americans will be worried either way. Friday November 11th, I saw many articles of history claiming that government surveillance has been happening since Watergate and after the 9/11 attacks. Jane Harman implies that security sparked from the mistake of not protecting enough (Harman). The USA PATRIOT Act gave the government the authority to research forms of communication prior to 9/11 (“Domestic”). President George W. Bush authorized the National Security Agency, NSA, to look into the media and is believed to be the largest intelligence agency in the United States (“Domestic”). NSA has a location in Utah that can hold about 100 years of international data (Maney). Also, Lauren Regan claims that the new facility will be 1.5 million square feet (Regan 32). It’s shocking that they’ve made that big of a

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