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Matthew Contreras
Professor Jacob Kidd
11 November 2015 Annotated Bibliography for
Voting Amongst the Youth of The U.S: Does it even exist

Recent studies have shown that voting rates amongst youths ages 18 to 24 have seen a decrease from 50.9 percent in 1964 to an all time low of 38.0 percent in 2012 (Young-Adult Voting: An Analysis of Presidential Elections, 1964–2012, The recent record breaking decline in political participation amongst young adults can be linked to the overwhelming media portrayals of government, political issues being aimed towards older citizens, and the lack of information on the importance of voting made available to lower education students. The constant slew of information
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By specifically examining the U.S youth participation during the 2008 presidential election in regards to civic instruction, and service learning, we are presented with the more specific aspects of college student participation. In this volume we find that community service or any type of service learning is for many college students the more likely aspect of voting to participate in. The researcher can find this information useful in a sense of understand what the a specific class of American youth is actually interested in. By understanding the interests of each class, such as the service hungry college student, we are able to further brainstorm solutions to the overall issue of participation…show more content…
This factsheet does this by providing information presented by line and bar graphs, as well as tables all displaying voter turnout, political party identification, Political ideology and general issues of concern. It is shown that the “Voter turnout for young people ages 18 to 29 rose... in 2008 (from 49 to 51 percent).’ and since “... 2000...turnout among college-educated 12 percentage points…”. This fact sheet further provides evidence of not only the growing participation amongst the college educated, but however proof that the popularity of voting amongst young adults has the ability to
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