Annotated Bibliography On Behavior Management

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Annotative Bibliography on Behavior Management Today schools are faced with an overwhelming amount of behavior problems as a result they have incorporated programs to help create a positive culture within each school system. Several behavior management programs have been implemented in schools all over the United States therefore the school environment can run more smoothly. Here are some approaches that aid in creating a positive and safe environment in schools.

Moore, Kenneth D. Effective instructional strategies: from theory to practice. Fourth ed. Los Angeles: Sage Publications, 2015. Print. The assertive discipline approach is when teachers have the right to require good behaviors in classrooms. At the beginning of the year
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N.p., n.d. Web. 27 Mar. 2017. . The School-Wide Positive Behavior Support or SW-PBIS program is designed to teach behavior expectations in the same manner as any core curriculum subject. The main idea for the SW-PBIS program is for the school to focus on three to five positive behavior expectations rather than telling the students what not to do in the school atmosphere. The expectations and routines are enforced school-wide in each classroom and in non-classroom areas with the matrices posted throughout the school. These expectations and routines are taught through lesson plans at the beginning of the year in setting specific locations, such as lining up properly in the hallway using a hula hoop to demonstrate proper body space distance. The program also emphasizes positive behaviors through a recognition system of praise. Instead of always concentrating on misbehavior staff rewards appropriate behaviors with some kind of incentive. The Carl Junction School district uses this program by implementing the bark bonus program when staff notices appropriate behaviors at specials, in hallways, in the lunchroom, etc. A staff member gives a student or the whole a class bark bonus, eventually when each class receives a specified amount that classroom is rewarded. As a whole, the classroom votes on which reward they want, such as a movie, bring stuffed animal/blanket, wear pajamas, or play electronics during class.
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