Annotated Bibliography On Children With Disabilities

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Conroy, Terrye, et al. "The U.S. Supreme Court And Parental Rights Under The Individuals
With Disabilities Education Act." Focus On Exceptional Children43.2 (2010): 1-16. Academic Search Premier. Web. 9 Mar. 2016.

The main point of the whole article was to ensure a free appropriate public education or FAPE is provided to all students with disabilities who are eligible for special education service, and as well make sure the rights parents are protected by the Supreme Court. It mentioned that Supreme Court’s holding in Winklelman v. Parma Ciy School District that parents have independent, enforceable rights under IDEA (Individuals With Disabilities Education Act) has been hailed as both a victory for parental rights
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The author does not give any evidence on why the government should provide a free and appropriate to individuals with disabilities. The author did use a lot of Ethos, sections from the law. But the author is definitely lack of logos, and especially no pathos or emotion to if those with disabilities do not get a free appropriate…show more content…
She was arrested for participating in a civil disobedience action in front of the college president’s office. She learned many things being an activist in occupy Wall Street; violence between police and protestors, discussion within an activist group, etc... She has learned that violence will not keep her away from her intellectual and artistic ambitions. All she mentioned was that fighting for a free public education is a must for all people and students, and no one should care to be a part of activism. Her title is pretty logic that; at first, I thought she would indicate our economy would be dangerous about to free education, but no, violence would be the one after I read her article. She has many good evidence on why protesting for a free education is dangerous, but at last, she mentioned that she would not care and others would not care too, for doing things to get a free education, such as
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