Annotated Bibliography On Corporate Governance

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Chapter 1: Introduction to Corporate Governance “While corporate governance may not dictate the economic prospects of developing countries, it certainly plays an integral role in shaping them.” The word Governance is derived from ‘gubernate’, meaning to steer. Corporate governance would mean to steer an organization in the desired direction. The responsibility to steer lies with the top and the middle level of management. Governance, in simple terms, means administering the processes and systems placed for satisfying stakeholder expectation. When combined Corporate Governance means a set of systems procedures, policies, practices, standards put in place by a corporate to ensure that relationship with various stakeholders is maintained in transparent and honest manner. Contrary to popular misconception about corporate governance in modern times, the roots of corporate governance are not besmirched in negative trail. That is to say, corporate governance did not have its raison d’être in the negative happenings in the corporate world. Looking at corporate governance from that perspective is to undermine its creative positive, regenerative and prosperous aspects. Good governance has been an eternal source of inspired thinking and dedicated action. Corporate governance, in commercial terms, means maximizing long-term shareholder’s value in a legal, transparent and ethical manner, ensuring fairness, courtesy and dignity in all transactions within and outside the company.

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