Annotated Bibliography On Crime And Justice

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Annotated Bibliography on Crime and Justice
Crime may simply be referred to as an offense against the state or against morality and is punishable by law, while justice is the fairness practiced during judgment of cases usually in instances where crime has taken place. Crime and justice go hand in hand as commonly evident in a case whereby a criminal is apprehended and taken to a court of law, then a ruling of justice practiced on the case and fairness used in passing of judgments. In most governments globally, crime and justice is managed by a criminal and justice department and typically, various departments are involved. These departments may primarily include; the police, the prosecution department, the law department, the correctional
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2. Matthew Robinson and Marian Williams: The Myth of a Fair Criminal Justice System
The Criminal Justice Systems have various objectives to achieve, one of them being reduction of crime levels. Another core objective is practicing justice. These two objectives can be achieved in various ways. Evidence has been presented by the authors that the judicial systems sometimes play unfair in solving crime cases.
The authors confirm that there exists evidence supporting the fact that many criminal justice processes are unfair and could be described as biased, subjective, inequitable, serving financial morals and grows out of the criminal law. They also conclude from the study that the myth on the criminal justice system being fair is not true from the law making department down to the correctional department.
3. White Paper On Crime; The Community and The Criminal Justice System
This journal focuses on the aims of criminal justice system in delivering quality service to the community through public safety enhancement. The author has highlighte some of the measures and steps the system has taken to ensure it achieves its objectives and interaction with various parties. These parties include; victims, witnesses, the accused and criminal justice professionals.

The next three literatures reviews are the government reports on crime and justice. They are;
4. Task Force Report from American Society Of Criminology: Critical Criminal Justice Issues
The government report
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