Annotated Bibliography On Criminal Justice System

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Criminal Justice System
The technological advancement era that has marred the 21st century has seen heightened increased surveillance and proactive crime investigations. Such growth has seen positive legislative moves that have allowed the use of telecommunication gadgets in monitoring trends of criminal activities and criminal gangs[footnoteRef:1]. Most commonwealth nation which United Kingdom is a member have since passed and enacted laws that provide some sort of immunities and exemptions for officers that may violate laws in the process of administering their works. [1: G. Marx, Undercover—Police Surveillance in America (University of California Press: Berkeley, 1988); and C. Fijnaut and G. Marx (eds.), Undercover—Police Surveillance
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Consequently, the Canadian systems strives to strike a balance between crime control and prevention goals and equity, fairness, and protection of persons which are key to having a just system. Sweden on the other hand positions her criminal justice system to reduce crime and secure her people[footnoteRef:3]. The Chinese system believes that a well functional society are key to having the right of every citizen protected. [3: ]

World over, the criminal justice system work closely with undercover police units that are used to do unearth a series of sensitive evidence against law offender. By definition, undercover work as largely used is when police officers do not reveal their identities. As many opine, this form of policing takes a wider berth of forms and situation within which they operate. There is a general acknowledge among the justice system and the public on the need to have undercover policing in order to subvert threats to public safety such as terrorism
Over the years, there have been ethical concerns over the works of undercover policemen both to the officers and those under study. The most essential to the system is the manner in which information is obtained and the more controversial is the means with which such information are obtained. Most laws have provisions that require undercover police and any other person within the
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