Annotated Bibliography On Cyberbullying

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Faraji Bartz Brandon Bell Jazib Galani SOCL 101 Dr. James 3/29/17 Group Proposal ( Cyber Bullying ) Topic: The social issue is cyberbullying and we’re studying it to discover the effects that it has on the youth. Literature Review: “Cyberbullying is reported as an aggressive, intentional act distributed by an individual or group, using contact in an electronic medium, continuously and relentlessly against someone who cannot stand up for himself or herself easily”(Davison & Stein, 2014) With social media being so popular, bullies now have many avenues in which they can attack their victims, research shows that adolescents spend up to 17 hours a week on the internet, some children even up to 40hrs a week. (Davison & Stein, 2014) This is an …show more content…

(2016, January 07). Retrieved March 29, 2017, from A introduction to research strategies in Sociology covering quantitative, subjective, essential and optional information and characterizing the fundamental sorts of research strategy including social reviews, tests, interviews, member perception, ethnography and longitudinal reviews. Kenley, H. (2012). Cyber Bullying No More : Parenting a High Tech Generation. Ann Arbor, MI: Loving Healing Press. Consistently youngsters are being mortified, abused, and debased using electronic gadgets. Youngsters are scared and don't know where to turn. Guardians are disappointed and uncertain how to cause or how to secure their youngsters. In this fantastic piece of book methods are explained how to prevent cyber-bullying on social media. Davison, C. B., & Stein, C. H. (2014). The Dangers of Cyberbullying. North American Journal of Psychology. This piece of literature explains the mental, social, and economic dangers of cyberbullying, It offers statistics and ways to prevent and treat

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