Annotated Bibliography On Data Recovery

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Data Disaster Recovery Trang Thu Nguyen CIS -125 Telecommunication Concepts Prof. Abdur Iqbal Spring 2015 ASA College, New York Table of Content Introduction Security Vulnerability Security Measures 1. Data Backup 2. Hard Drive 3. Peer-to-peer Backup 4. Cloud-based Backup 5. Back up multiple versions Recovery Startegies 1. Internal Recovery Strategies 2. Vendor- based Recovery Strategies Conclusion Bibliography Introduction Data recovery is one of security planning that enable the continuity and recovery of data and technology after a natural or human-induced disaster (..) Businesses nowadays face multiple attacks, thus, data recovery is essential in any business continuity plan. This paper will discuss the security threats that businesses are facing and the appropriate data recovery strategies that come with. The Importance of Data Disaster Recovery An IT disaster occurs when a business’s mission- critical system is not available. An IT disaster may be nature- or human- induced. Natural disaster including fire, hurricane, flood, earthquake, tornado etc. can damage the IT physical infrastructures. Fire is reportedly one of the most common catastrophic events that can interrupts a business operation (....) Human- induced disaster include terrorist attacks, deliberate criminal activities etc. An IT disaster can have serious consequences to a business if not being addressed timely and correctly. Apart from loss of existing data,
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