Annotated Bibliography On Digital Forensics

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Digital forensics is a fairly new science involving the collection and analysis of data from digital devices. However, the evolution of technology into smaller, mobile devices has made it necessary for the creation of mobile forensics. Mobile forensics is a subset of digital forensics, which is focused on the preservation, acquisition, examination, analysis, and reporting of digital evidence from mobile devices. Even though the digital forensics process can be utilized for mobile devices, the model is not perfected. Gonzalez and Hung (2011) attribute this issue to the young age of mobile devices and the different operating systems, communications protocols, and storage methods utilized. To comprehend the challenges involved in conducting…show more content…
Smartphones Smartphones are a mobile technology that utilizes an advanced operating system in portable devices. Currently, the advanced operating systems employed on smartphones are IOS and Android. IOS was developed by Apple and is exclusive to its mobile devices only. However, Android is an open source operating system that is utilized by various smartphones on the market. Nevertheless, current smartphones employing either operating system encompasses the capabilities of a cell phone, camera, computer, mp3 player, external hard drive, GPS, and internet connection. This collection of technology on one device makes it very advantageous for businesses and convenient for individuals. According to Smith (2015), this is supported by the fact that 64% of American adults have a smartphone for various tasks. Tablets Tablets are another mobile technology that uses an advanced operating system. Additionally, they employ the same major operating systems (iOS and Android) as the smartphones. As well as, offering the same technologies of a smartphone, but in a larger size. However, these mobile devices have found greater employment by organizations to become more efficient, increase productivity, and save time and money. Murphy (2012) provides various methods of how businesses can employ tablets in its organization; for example, for a board meeting, in warehouses, or for sales. Strengths Mobile technology has several
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