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ESSAY On ENCRYPTION TECHNOLGIES SATHYA AGILA SATHISH CHANDAR M.S (IST) IST 5500- FUNDAMENTALS OF IST WILMINGTON UNIVERSITY ABSTRACT Transmission of data from one place to another securely becomes a challenging issue in this highly technological era. Stealing the information becomes the full-time job of hackers. To send the data secretly, encryption algorithms are used. Many encryption techniques are evolving to protect the information being send. In this essay, two different encryption methods, Quantum Key Description and Honey Encryption were explained briefly. Also, this essay addresses their benefits and limitations and the areas in which the algorithms are used. INTRODUCTION: Encryption is a process…show more content…
These algorithms have their own positives and negatives. New algorithms are evolving day by day. Two algorithms listed below are discussed in this essay. a) Quantum Key Distribution b) Honey Encryption. QUANTUM KEY DISTRIBUTION: This algorithm uses photons to transfer the data. Each data is represented by a single photon. There are two states of photon namely, polarization and spin. If the bit equals 1, then it is polarization and if the bit value equals 0, it is spin. A sequence of laser beam is generated in horizontal or vertical direction at the sender’s end. It is then transmitted and the receiver measures the rate of polarization. If the rate of error is too high, then the receiver can identify that somebody tries to hack the data. If a person tries to intercept the data, the photon gets destroyed and the interceptor must generate a duplicate photon. The properties of photon make the user impossible to generate an accurate duplicate. This increases the error. The zero error represents that the transmission is secure. Benefits of QKD: 1. Highly secure. 2. Data hacking is easily detectable. 3. Transmission over air is also possible. 4. Simple usage. 5. Easy maintenance. Limitations of QKD: 1. Expensive. 2. Cannot be used for long distance higher than 90 miles. 3. Ideal air condition is mandatory to transfer via air. Applications of QKD:

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