Annotated Bibliography On False Memory

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Fairfield, B., Colangelo, M., Mammarella, N., Di Domenico, A., & Cornoldi, C. (2017). Affective false memories in dementia of alzheimer's type. Psychiatry Research, 249, 9-15. doi:10.1016/j.psychres.2016.12.036 This article is the study of false memories in aging adults with and without Alzheimer Disease. The study worked with two groups’ twenty four with mild onset of Alzheimer and twenty four that didn’t have mild onset of Alzheimer (p. 9). False memories are a common development that happens as the mind ages. This article wanted to record if Alzheimer disease increases or decrease false memory in adults. The reason for this study is that other studies show that adults with Alzheimer Disease have “slightly lower” false memories (p.9). This study used pictures to test the memories of the test groups. There were twelve pictures in each group with the eleventh picture varied between different…show more content…
Those with Alzheimer disease would see similar in every picture and then group them together. The other group would break up the group as some people with bikes, and other group standing against a wall and another group next to a car. The study found that those without the Alzheimer disease had more false memory when doing these tests. False memory is when a person recalls an event that didn’t actually occurred. I found it interesting that people seek to connect the characters and events in order give meaning to what they are looking at. This is when false memory can occur. Alzheimer Disease caused degeneration of the mind. Memory, judgment and ability to functions start to fade away. This study supported the facts that those with Alzheimer Disease struggled through explaining what they say. Those without Alzheimer Disease added recollections along with the picture even thought they were false
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