Annotated Bibliography On Homeschooling

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Annotated Bibliography

Britton L. “35 Reasons to OUTLAW Homeschooling!” True Aim, 4 Apr. 2016, The position argued is that homeschooling should be outlawed because they claim students are not getting the social interaction that they should. Their proof is the book “Revealing school.” The information is reliable coming from a book. The article was published in April of last year. It gives a lot of strong points on why homeschooling should not be allowed. They are going against what the government says making it a ethical and logical argument.

Given the information in this article, the facts that they include will help with my arguments on why I believe it shouldn’t be allowed. The theme is to convince parents not to homeschool their kids and keep them away from a normal social life in the process of doing so. A major fact that I will include is the fact that you won’t be taught all the important things that you would really need to do like not speaking when others are, raising your hand and waiting your turn, and bullies make you become a stronger person and know how to deal with the hard things that come your way in the future.

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The position argued is that they won’t get the life that they need to prepare

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