Annotated Bibliography On How Uniform Policy Swept U.s.

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Annotated Bibliography Chandler, M. A. (2015, Oct 01). No uniform policy on what to wear. Washington Post Retrieved from In the Washington Post newspaper article stated the claim of how uniform policy swept U.S. in the school year of 2011-2012 to improve academics for the lacking students. Chandler says that according to federal data 20 percent of school districts made it necessary for students to wear uniforms. The uniform take-over caught the attention of researcher and educators of the benefits surrounding uniforms between high and low poverty school. Chandler is a journalist on education for the Washington Post. No uniform policy on what to wear offer reasonable evidence supporting school uniforms. Chandler showed experience in this journal. The author presented factual statements, analysis, and testimony of a mother with a low-income household. This newspaper fits the requirements of my assignment due to the testimony was given by a mother of six children with a low-income household. Also, with encouragement; the present of the United State idealizing the uniform policy. Dalton, R., and Virginia Wilkins. (2011, Oct 28). The way to really stop school bullying: Student mentors. Christian Science Monitor Retrieved from The effectiveness, bullying caused in the U.S. school district caused low attendance, grades, and graduation rates. A study conducted in the article show that

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