Annotated Bibliography On Human Language

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Nehal, Mohammad and Afzal, Mohammad. (2013). “Evolution of Human Language – A Biolinguistic, Biosemiotic and Neurobiological Perspective”; Language in India, ISSN 1930-2940 Vol. 13:6, June 2013. Précis by Samantha Sutton, December 2, 2015

In this article there are several depictions of how language has come about and how language has formed not only in humans but in the animal kingdom as well. Nehal and Afzal use several other scholars work in defining their research on the topic of human language evolution. In the article the scholars talk about several perspectives of how language has evolved such as: biolinguistics, biosemiotics, and neurobiological.


Many theories and approaches have been used to explain the origin of human language and the development from generation to generation still remains a mystery. There have been great strides in communication research, with a vast number of questions being answered. Yet, there still is not a unanimous theory to explain the development of language. In the study the article states the language research provides a crucial juncture for many fields to explore the brain functioning itself and the complex interface of gene, brain, and behavior and language axis is involved (677). Nehal and Afzal talk about the pathway that the words and signals that the brain forms take. The biolinguistics part of Nehal and Afzals research provides more in-depth understanding to how the development of genes and…
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