Annotated Bibliography On Human Rights Abuses

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Name Jaspal Singh chandi

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Topic -: Human rights abuses exist in many countries. Research the human rights situation in one country and evaluate the issues.

Position-: Laws are still not effective to abolish child labor in India.

Human rights are rights related with every person, whatever our nationality, spot of living arrangement, sex, national or ethnic root, color, religion, dialect, or some other status. We are all similarly qualified for our human rights without separation. These rights are all interrelated and associated (United Nations Human Rights). According to United Nations Human Rights, right to work, social security and education or collective rights, such as the rights to development and self-determination are the basic human rights. All these are unbreakable parts of human life (United Nations Human Rights). Donnelly and Howard (1987, p. 20-30) explain different kinds of human rights abuses in India such as “domestic violence, female child murder, dowry and child labor”. In fact, violations of human rights exist in many parts of the world. According to International Labor organization (United Nations), when children are disinherited from their childhood, future and their greatness which are adverse to their natural and brainy development that is called child
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