Annotated Bibliography On Information Security

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1. Abstract
Information security is a major concept in today’s industrial and computer era, so security must be higher to protect the confidential data. Information security plays major role in computer and network security with the use of different cryptography algorithms that includes the encryption and decryption of data with the uses of the algorithm and the key. By means of text or numerical key for the encryption can be dangerous because with the several hack attacks that a key can be broken. So I have proposed a new mechanism that will replace the text key with the image pixels and can gain high security which cannot be easy to break without prior knowledge.
2. Introduction
For the decades to keep data secure and to convey the
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It takes plaintext and the key as input and follows some mechanism with the use of mathematical calculations to convert the plaintext into the cipher text. Instead of using the key that is in the numerical and text format if we use the set of the pixels of an image, then the algorithm will be able to generate the cipher text that will be really hard to decode.
3. Research design
3.1 Basic theory - there are some primary and important components that play a vital role in the cryptography are,
I. Plaintext: this is a regular text message that is in meaningful and in the readable format that needs to be secured.
II. Cipher text: this is the result of the encryption process where we get the cipher text that is in scrambled and unreadable format.
III. Algorithm: this is a core part of the cryptography where all transformations occur with some predefined processes, rules and basic mathematical functions. This algorithm is responsible for encipher and decipher a message.
IV. Key: secret key that is used to encrypt the message and used as input to the algorithm. And this key is also shared between the sender and the receiver.

3.2 Processes used to carry out cryptography
I. Encryption: encryption is carried out on the sender side, hence transferred plain text into the cipher text and forwarded over the network.
II. Decryption: decryption is carried out on the receiver side to translate the cipher text into the plaintext with the same key that is used at the sender side.

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