Annotated Bibliography On Law Enforcement And Stress

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David Kopec
COM 101
12 Dec. 2014
Annotated Bibliography
Law Enforcement and Stress In this research paper I will find information about how stressful law enforcement is and how it is handled by police officers. I am interested in this topic because I am going into law enforcement and most likely I will face the same problem that millions of other police officers and law enforcers face. I will research what causes police officers a greater risk for stress and how they cope with it. I will also research the wrong ways to manage stress and what their outcomes are. I will use online web pages and a scholarly article for my research paper.
Louw, Gerrit J., and Adriaan Viviers. "An Evaluation Of Apsychosocial Stress And Coping Model In The Police Work Context." SAJIP: South African Journal Of Industrial Psychology 36.1 (2010): 1-11. Academic Search Complete. Web. 11 Dec. 2014.
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There were more men than women surveyed. The police officers were handed booklets to fill out and hand back in. When the booklets were turned in the survey results were normal. The survey results showed that stress levels vary depending on the person than on the environment. One person can take the stress that is thrown at them and manage it while another person will struggle. They also found the amount of social resources a person has can help deal with the stress and being in isolation can increase stress levels. Having people to talk and interact with can lower stress levels. This can be useful information for managers because the less stressful a worker is the more efficient he or she can
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