Annotated Bibliography On Learning Theories

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Annotated Bibliography Doreen Dixon Liberty University Customized Learning Theory Learning, as defined by Slavin (2012), is “a change in an individual caused by experience” (p. 116). Learning can occur intentionally or unintentionally. All learning, however, is stimulated by something that is the learner (student) has encountered. As an instructor, your goal every day is to use the right stimuli to capture the student’s attention so they can absorb the knowledge you are trying to share. Learning Theories For years, there have been many theorists who have shared their views on how individuals learn. Such research has determined that individuals have different learning styles. It is important for teacher to understand the learning styles of both themselves and their students because it helps them to relay the subject knowledge to the students. The teacher is in a position where they must be able to assess the learning styles of their students. This means that the students and teachers are both in a process of learning. The teacher must know how to set the tone for the classroom and ensure that it is a productive learning environment. The teacher wants to avoid anything that would provoke them negatively as well as the students. At the same time, they must know what is needed to reinforce good behavior. Slavin discusses the use the following principles as a guideline for reinforcing behaviors in the classroom: 1. Decide what behaviors you want
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