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IT 377 Graduate research paper LTE deployment in Small cells Submitted by Anuya Prabhu

With the advent of high technological advancements in the field of telecommunication, it has become necessary to provide full capacity network coverage and high data rates to a user at all places. The research paper will focus on introducing small cells as a solution to the user needs by giving an overview of different kinds of architectures for LTE deployment in small cells and coordination techniques for synchronization between these architectures.
The research paper will also include the analysis of mobility between systems working on 3GPP and non 3GPP standards. Mobile operators are working on Network Densification by deploying small cells and using evolved techniques like Coordinated multi points and Phantom cells to improve the efficiency of the cellular system. By implementing these techniques better coverage and high data rates can be achieved. Mobile operators are faced with the concern while deploying LTE in small cells is its compatibility with the existing cellular network. Backward compatibility with the current cell phones with respect to the Voice over LTE is of utmost importance in network deployment.

I. Introduction
For deploying Long Term Evolution (LTE) in small cells, the main concern of mobile operators is that the new small cell enhancements should be compatible with the existing cellular network from an economic point of view.…

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