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IT 377 Graduate research paper LTE deployment in Small cells Submitted by Anuya Prabhu Abstract: With the advent of high technological advancements in the field of telecommunication, it has become necessary to provide full capacity network coverage and high data rates to a user at all places. The research paper will focus on introducing small cells as a solution to the user needs by giving an overview of different kinds of architectures for LTE deployment in small cells and coordination techniques for synchronization between these architectures. The research paper will also include the analysis of mobility between systems working on 3GPP and non 3GPP standards. Mobile operators are working on Network Densification by deploying…show more content…
Assistance with the current macro cell is required to power the small cells and coordinate with internet and radio backhaul and maintaining the Quality of Service (QOS) in the process [1]. Figure 1 LTE deployment in small cells Why small cells? Small cells are beneficial in terms of the following aspects: 1) Coverage: Adding capacity to high traffic areas and extend coverage to hard-to-reach locations and indoor sites. 2) Capacity: Enhancing localized coverage 3) Data offloading: Providing robust 4G LTE coverage to customers in challenging coverage areas Small cells mainly consist of the femtocells, picocells, and microcells. The network can also be known by “distributed radio technology” which consists of centralized baseband units and remote radio heads. “Beamformingtechnology (focusing a radio signal on a very specific area) can be utilized to further enhance or focus small cell coverage”. The common factor binding all of these technologies is that all are centrally managed. [13] The range of small is from 10 meters within urban and in-building locations to 2 km for a rural location. Picocells and microcells can also have a range of a few hundred meters to a few kilometres, but femto cells do not have the self-arranging capability. [13] There is need for backhaul to connect the small cells to the core network, internet
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