Annotated Bibliography On Maltreatment In Foster Care

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Annotated Bibliography
Biehal, N. (2014). Maltreatment in Foster Care: A review of the evidence. Child Abuse Review, 23(1), 48-60. doi:10.1002/car.2249
The author, Nina Biehal, tells of the treatment in foster care and the need for correction in her article, "Maltreatment in Foster Care: A review of the evidence." The author gives many facts about how the government needs to change the level of care provided for the children. This article is more of a constant reminder of how much still needs to change and the level of care offered to children of abuse today. Unlike the article by authors Kristen Turney and Christopher Wilderman, which bases their article on the number of children in foster care receiving mental health care, Biehal gives evidence to support the problems that result from being in foster care. My essay can use this article to paint a picture of the number of children in detrimental conditions and how foster care developed problems with their system to support my argument.
Cerulli, C., Allen, C. W., Chin, N., Reagh, R., & Mangold, S. (2017). Does the Money Matter? Examining the Source and the Type of Child Welfare Dollars Through the Eyes of County Child Welfare Services Directors. Journal of Public Child Welfare, 360-377. Retrieved from
The authors Catherine Cerulli, Crystal Ward Allen, Nancy Chin, Rhonda Reagh and Susan Mangold describe how the money allotted for foster care remains undistributed in a
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