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Becca LeBlanc Mrs. Wunderle Career Research 6 October 2014 Diagnostic Medical Sonographer A diagnostic medical sonographer who specializes in obstetric sonography is able to capture the images of a fetus inside the mother’s uterus. This type of sonography is used to monitor the growth and development of the fetus as well as its health. Imagine seeing a parent’s joyful expression towards one another when they hear the sound of their baby’s heartbeat for the first time. Or to witness their smiles from ear to ear when they get to see their baby move and wiggle about inside the mother over the ultrasound screen. This special moment is something that an obstetric sonographer has the pleasure of witnessing every day. Pursuing an education is important when it comes to being successful at a career. To become a Diagnostic Medical Sonographer, it is essential to graduate high school and college, taking all the required classes that are necessary. High school classes that are most beneficial to students wanting to become a Diagnostic Medical Sonographer are classes in anatomy, physiology, and physics (Kriegh, Chaylene). To become a Diagnostic Medical Sonographer, a college degree is needed. It usually takes four to six years to complete a bachelor’s or master’s degree in sonography (Hiltgen, Lisa). The first two years of college are focused on completing an associate’s degree in an ultrasound program to attain an Allied-Health Associates degree. The completion of

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