Annotated Bibliography On Mobile Business Intelligence

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COMP1715 SCHOLARLY AND ACADEMIC PRACTICE INTERIM SUBMISSION ANNOTATED BIBLOGRAPHY: Mobile Business Intelligence; Who Benefits? PRINCESS DAVID OKORO 000857230 1 TABLE OF CONTENTS 2 INTRODUCTION 3 3 ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY 3 4 CONCLUSION 6 5 REFERENCES 6 2 INTRODUCTION The perception of mobile computing has been widespread in recent time, thus, generating a platform for the increase of Mobile Business Intelligence .This trend has been moderately encouraged by a drift from traditional computers to a wireless world with the improvement of smartphones which has led to a new age of mobile computing, particularly in the field of Business Intelligence. Kolb (2012), defined Business intelligence as a business…show more content…
(2010). The mobile Business Intelligence Challenge. Economy Informatics. 1 (1), 8. This article examines the challenges faced with the application of mobile business Intelligence within an organisation. Over the years, the demand of data management and usage has increased within an organisation. As a result of the increase in data creation as well as availability, most organisation has sought out various medium to make their data mobile in which they are available for use at any time, thus sustaining competitive advantage by integrating all data channels to offer a broader analytical perspective on a business for competitors. Furthermore, the author stated some of the reasons of the use of Mobile Business Intelligence, which includes the possibilities for real time decision support, it’s accessible as mobile phones are part of our day to day life, etc. However, with the range of large data to process and use simultaneously, this may likely generate into problems such as security risk, difference in GUI of a phone and a Computer, Low storage space in most mobile devices. In particular, there a few limitation faced when running BI application on a mobile interface such as, the limited amount of sent data, poor resolution of a mobile device, low memory. Despite of all the positive and negative arguments concerning the Mobile Business Intelligence field the author explained that the reality is somehow different because there are still barriers to overcome and
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