Annotated Bibliography On Obedience And Authority Essay

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Part I: Research paper topic and outline Obedience to Authority Abbygale Javier [IT 150G, 14111; On-line; Elizabeth Rasnick; September 29, 2016] I. Introduction A. Motivation of this research There are little facts about the role of obedience up until now. Psychologists have been debating on factors that constitute obedience within an individual. For example, certain theories suggest that people do horrible actions only if they are ordered to do so. Research has shown that most people obey all orders given to them by the authority-figure. The idea of this topic came to me while flipping through channels. I came across a show called 20/20, on the investigative channel. The show goes through a series of crimes and murders and provides insight on how the crime came to be and why. On a particular episode, a successful businessman orders a new intern to “take care” of someone to gain favor from him. The intern is noted to be kind and helpful by his friends and family, so it had caused a shock to hear that he had murdered someone. Would he have committed this crime if he wasn’t told to? That is what I seek to know more about. B. Research question and objectives To what extent will people act based on an order they were given? My objective is to introduce the topic of obedience to authority and provide an awareness of the vulnerability that most people have in this area. Today, there are theories that focus primarily on characteristics that explain wrong-doing and how
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