Annotated Bibliography On Parametric Design

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Student: Xiaolu Xie
Student ID: 504871186
Instructor: Professor Leslie Sherwood

Annotated Bibliography
-- Parametric Design in Architecture
The development of technology has made people pay more attention to computer skills. In architecture, the advantages of digital tools have also become increasingly significant since 1940. Before the parametric design, designers always used traditional software, like AutoCAD, Sketch-up, and Photoshop, to make the architectural expression. However, the parametric system encourages designers to consider the variety of design, and make the design more editable by changing parameters and controlled conditions. Therefore, we could say that parametric strategy did modify the process of architectural …show more content…

Through this rule-based design strategy, the form of the building is easy to change by modifying the constraints of the parameters. The time cost of the model could save because the whole model does not need to rebuild. By parametric design, we could use the characteristics of Building Information Modeling (BIM) elements to response the data from the environmental analysis, such as solar radiation and wind velocity. Considering BIM providing a corporation system for information to share and use by architects, which not only could build three-dimensional models, predict the performance of the building, but also enable to analyze the environment, BIM already become one of the most significant computational design tools for contemporary architecture. The author uses sun shades as an example to show the approach used by designers to complete a façade design step by step and the relationships between analytic data, BIM and different software, such as Revit, Ecotect, and Excel. Also, the limitations of parametric design are mention in the

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