Annotated Bibliography On Personalized Learning

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2.) Personalized Learning (Flexible Pathways, Personalized Learning Plans, Career and Tech Ed) Research has demonstrated that motivated students demonstrate higher degrees of academic performance and are more likely to graduate from high school (Froiland & Oros, 2014; Niehaus, Rudasill, & Rakes, 2012). The idea that engaged, inspired students are more successful students is a driving force behind Personalized Learning initiatives, practices by which students realize their full potential through learning experiences that take into account their unique strengths, needs, interests and goals. Personalized Learning empowers and motivates students through greater choice and increased feelings of competence (Deci, 1971). Furthermore, an investment by school staff in each student’s personal learning growth fosters feelings of school connectedness, another strong indicator for achievement (CDC, 2009). Choice Choice is at the core of developing Personalized Learning strategies. Giving students a voice in their education has been linked to increases in student effort and achievement. The degree to which a student’s interests and skills are a good match for the demands offered by a particular activity predicts how well he or she will attend to, comprehend and remember it (Deci, 1992). Guiffrida et al. (2013) found that students’ grades and motivation were positively and significantly related to students’ focus on subjects or activities closely related to their interests and

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