Annotated Bibliography On Personalized Medicine

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Personalized medicine can lead to the development of great discoveries that could revolutionize the world. The research of personalized medicine is new and costly but that is not the only setback this new science must face. Personalized medicine has also presented issues of race and gender that cannot be silenced until further research is conducted. It is clear that personalized medicine could provide great benefits for fighting illness, but it can lead to issues of underrepresentation of race and concerns of gender in terms of drug safety and with the little that is known right now the cost outweigh the benefits. The need for new and more effective treatment continues to increase and personalized medicine appears to be the answer to our prayers. With further research personalized medicine could revolutionize pharmaceuticals and to go out on a limb even find a cure for aids and other cancers. But it is too early to have high expectations for a science that has not been deeply explored. It seems that the fantasy of finding a perfect match treatment for each individual has raised support from many institutions including the White House and the FDA. There have been some recent personalized medicine treatments approved by the FDA and this has lead President Obama to bring forward the Precision Medicine Initiative (U.S. Food and Drug Administration), which would give millions in monetary support for research to be conducted on personalized medicine. The issue here is whether

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