Annotated Bibliography On Police Brutality

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Annotated Bibliography Ronald Weitzer “Incidents of police misconduct and public opinion” Department of Sociology, George Washington University, Washington, DC 20052, USA . This article is explaining how the misconduct of police is different big cities like New York City and Los Angeles. It also brought up when a police shooting happens, what do other races think of the police, with that being said, this is also talking about 2 shootings of Patrick dorismond in New York and Amadou Diall, the author tracks public attitudes toward the police before and after each incident, and they also examine the similarities and the opinions of whites, blacks, and Mexican. For example, they were a few police shootings that happened in the 90s, first was the Rodney King beating which was caught on video tape, but no convictions also numerous police scandal that was reported from 1999 to 2000 in the Los Angeles police department. After each incident the most impactful one was the Rodney King beating of African Americans, which after that the trust in police went down drastically because of that image that was seen worldwide. This article is relevant to my research because it talks about police brutality and cases that has happened over the years, this also gives actual statatics about how many African Americans and Mexicans are more likely to be encountered a police brutality. Lee sigelamn,George Washington University,Susan Welch Pennsylvania state university, Timothy Bledsoe, Wayne State university, Michael Combs, University of Nebraska. “Police Brutality and public perceptions on racial Discrimination: A tale of two beatings”. This article basically gets into similar things my first article talked about it gives data what each race thought about the Rodney King beating, African Americans in Detroit, which was 94 percent of them said the police officers should be convicted, then the white percentage was 64 percentage which triple the black community. This shows you how much racial lines when it comes to crimes and what each group of people think about the police, this brings a perspective that the police treat African Americans harsher than white which is more of the dominate society. This article also ran a

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