Annotated Bibliography On Security System Using Rfid Technology

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Career Episode 3 Introduction Title: SECURITY SYSTEM USING RFID TECHNOLOGY Date: January 2013 – July 2013 Duration: 7 academic weeks Location: Balkumari, Lalitpur Organization: Nepal College of information Technology Position: Student Project Supervisor: Professor Hari Raj Aryal CE 3.1 Background This project was made for the project exhibition organized by the Nepal College of Information Technology under the supervision of the Professor Hari Raj Aryal in-group of two members to present in the project exhibition. CE 3.2 Nature of Project The goal of the system I have designed is to manage and secure our working place and home using the radio frequency identification (RFID). RFID stores and retrieves using the RFID tags. It…show more content…
CE 3.5 Organization chart The organizational chart for the accomplished of the project as below: CE 3.6 Engineering Knowledge and Skills The basic block diagram of the RFID based security system is as follows: In this system radio frequency identification plays the major role in the security purpose all other hardware components plays the secondary roles. I used the RFID tags that’s provides unique identification number whenever it read the card, then it send this information to the microcontroller and find out whether card is genuine or fake. If the card matches with the original information, I allow the user to enter the room else the security alarm will be on. Radio Frequency Identification The radio frequency identification is the system, which uses the radio wave to read the information the tag. The system consist of three main components RFID tag or transponder, which identify the data carrier in RFID, RFID tag reader or transceiver, which read data from and write to transponder and data processing subsystem, which use the data obtained from the transceiver. The transmitters and responders have electronic microchip that stores data and coupling elements like coiled antenna, used to communicate via radio frequency waves. Transponders might be active or passive. Active transponders have an on-tag

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