Annotated Bibliography On Social Networking

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Annotated bibliography Alicia M. Valenzuela SOCI403 Cooke, T., 2011, Help I’m a Facebookaholic: Inside the Crazy World of Social Networking, John Blake, EBL Ebook Library, viewed 1st February, 2012. Main research findings In this informative and engaging book, the author Tanya Cooke scrutinizes the social networking occurrence. She discloses some astonishing and peculiar facts regarding the popularity of social networking. The book encompasses entertaining updates, disconcerting stories, and cautionary stories about the risks of meeting individuals online. The writer confirms that social networking is changing the world. Facebook was launched in 2004 and has rapidly gained popularity with more than 500 million global users. Facebook was…show more content…
1143-1168, Communication & Mass Media Complete, EBSCOhost, viewed 2 February 2012. Main research findings Ellison, Steinfield and Lampe identify that social networking sites are among the main use of internet today. According to the authors, social networking sites are among the social media platforms that facilitate interaction in the computer environment. The writers identify the main motives for using social networking sites, for example, Facebook. One of the benefits is that Facebook improves the quality of life both social and at workplaces. According to the writers, social media has become common in the society that a majority cannot remember previous life without them. Social networking sites have become popular among college students who find it as a major platform for social interaction. Strengths and weaknesses The source concentrates more on the benefits of Facebook to young individuals. The source contains important information that explains how social media (Facebook) has improved social life especially among college students. However, the source fails to highlight and explain more about the harms and dangers of social networking…show more content…
Despite their interests, they need guidance on how to use Facebook and Twitter among others. “Facebook & Twitter for Seniors for Dummies” is an informative book that has simplified explanations concerning social networking. The book simplifies explanations and has been rated by many to be a fun and easy guide to social media sites. One of the main strength of the book is that it encourages the elderly that social media is not for the young generation only. The seniors are identifying the communication possibilities of social media and this has seen them sign up in large
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