Annotated Bibliography On Software Development

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Introduction Checklists have been in wide use within various fields from medicine, construction, aviation, investing, software and many others. It can be used as a guideline when there is need to verify that a particular set of steps were followed. With checklists, we are able to perform simple repetitive tasks in a consistent way. Complex tasks can also be done with minimal errors when checklists are used. A checklist is a comprehensive list of important steps that need to be followed in a particular order so as to successfully complete a process. Description of Topic Here, I will cover the use of checklists in software development. Software development has various stages all of which can benefit from checklists. The stages may consist of requirements gathering, software design, implementation (coding), testing, documentation and maintenance. During requirements gathering, a checklist can be created to determine if requirements are complete and consistent. The checklist can also be used to check if the software product meets requirements (exit criteria). Software design checklists can help verify if everything falls within acceptable standards. In the implementation phase, we can have code review checklists and inspection checklists to ensure that coding standards are followed. Testing checklists can be used to ensure that test scripts for software are well written and that they are traceable to requirements. Documentation checklist can help check for
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