Annotated Bibliography On The Media

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Based on one’s beliefs, news can have many different definitions. When determining how news is published, editors take four factors into consideration; Universal News Drivers, Editorial and Audience Judgment, and “Bad” News. When determining which factors apply to articles, one may examine the characteristics of these articles and then make an informed decision about which concepts apply and why. On October 15th I visited the website and examined the front pages from three separate newspaper’s. All of the different front pages featured different headlines. The stories from these headlines featured information that I could use to apply the previously mentioned concepts. The October 15th issue of The Pioneer Press featured two headlines pertaining to news concepts. The article titled “Dedicated to Rondo” by Frederick Melo is a local story about the commemoration of a lost community in Minnesota. The Universal News Drivers in this article are Proximity and Human Interest. An area of land that was once a sight for a collection of homes was destroyed in the 1950’s by the construction of Interstate 94. Now, a Plaza is being built in the area to commemorate the neighborhood. The news being reported pertains to the people within close proximity of the old “Rondo” community. This news would not pertain to people who were not within close proximity of the events occurring because they would be unaware of their significance. People who were around when the “Rondo”
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