Annotated Bibliography On The Rna Profiling

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Throughout the cells there are much type of Eukaryotic cells which make many types of cells and then they proceeds to the RNA, There is no complete data of this RNA present and the characteristic are very poorly unstated. The genetic information is directly represented by the RNA and it focuses on its synthesis, translation and modification it helps to understand the genome functions also. These observation are taken up together to form and define the functions and description related to genes (Bell, 2004). This observation tells about the range of expression and localization. As the technology is been improving day by day for the RNA profiling and the type of isolation made by the cells , the number of RNA has grown and has increase the biological function in an fast and immediate rate. The ENCODE project also known as the Encyclopedia of DNA element project has sought to report the RNA. THE ENCODE has a five years of the pilot phase which has been examine that 1% of the human genome and they had observed that the region of Gene-rich and Gene-poor were transcribed pervasively to confirm the result which has came out from the studies which were did earlier. Now while during the second phase of the ENCODE project which had lasted for about 5 years. This examination was been elongated to complete the human genome. Thus this projects helps to both firstly provide a genome wide catalogue of human transcript and secondly it helps to find out the sub cellular…

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