Annotated Bibliography On The Security

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Some Random Database Paper Our data is never at rest. Even when organizations depend on their database for storage, there is always copies of data somewhere else to be found. To service our men and women in the Army Reserves, data has to be manipulated at the local computer and then sent back to be stored back on the database. The very moment that data is moved and stored on a local machine for it to be manipulated is also the moment that the data is most vulnerable. Despite the concerted efforts to ensure data confidentiality the overall security depends efforts put forth by the weakest link. The insider threat is one of the hardest risk to mitigate, mainly due to their initial need to legitimately data access. Fortunately, the potential for loss at the database is slim. The Army Reserves has made an effort to allow only a handful users with the ability to maintain a system that supports 500,000 Soldiers. However, in regards to protecting the data that is stored where it is most vulnerable, with a robust auditing policy and proper resources, organizations can mitigate the effects of an insider whose intent is to cause some form of damage, as well as the unknowing individual who is simply making a mistake. Data in Motion The soldiers of the Army Reserves have an extremely difficult part time job. At times the leaders of some 500,000 soldiers are needed to work without pay, work from their full time office and are at times expected produce the same output at the
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