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Unreliable Software
Kamberlin King
Department of Math, Computer and Information Sciences
Mississippi Valley State University
Itta Bena, United States of America

Abstract— Reliable software is defined as the probability of failure-fee operation of a software system for a specified time in a specified environment. Unreliable software is defined as the when a software system has failures and faults within its operation. Software is unreliable when a computer program cannot perform their assigned functions in the system’s environment and ends up crashing. Many computer software specialists have been used to thinking that if a program has one or more errors in it, it is 0% reliable; if no errors 100% reliable [3].
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Fault tolerance was proposed as a technique to allow software to cope with its own faults in a manner reminiscent of the techniques employed in hardware fault tolerance [4]. It is the essential element that is needed for the creation of the next generation of reliable computer systems. Unreliable software is a very important factor that can have a terrible effect on the software’s quality and the software’s cost. It also changes the time of software delivery. When the test results of the systems differ the software ends up having a defect. A defect is any significant, unplanned event that occurs during a software test.
Keywords- fault tolerance, defect, software, computer system, software errors, and software fault
Reliable software and unreliable software is very important when it comes to computer systems. They both deals with the operation of the computer systems for a specified time. Without software, computers would just be hardware that has no specified purpose. There would never be any output or function for the computer systems because the software is what actually gives the system life. Software is not just used for the “everyday” computer that we sit down in from of in every day. It is used for multiple things such as pacemakers, airplanes, medical devices, and cellular devices.
Unreliable software can cause a loss in various things. It can lead to loss of money, human
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