Annotated Bibliography On Web Security

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Chapter Two
Web Security

2.1 Introduction In this chapter, we will discuss the historical background on the objectives of Web services and security,and it will be touched upon the other subjects such us Confidentiality, integrity, authenticity services, authentication methods, Zero-Knowledge Proof protocols, and Diffie-Hellman key exchange is also discussed.

2.2 Web Security Goals We can say that the data and sensitive information that is sent over computer network be vulnerable to attacks by hackers.
This information should be protected by others for potential by some hacker threats,they can read and change the contents of the message and information and exploit this information for personal benefit[17] .
To confirm that the information sent is safe and has not been penetrates and the information never changed during the the transmitter there is a main services will be handled which is confidentiality, integrity, and authenticity [20]. Any system of communication when it is designed these security services are taken into account and these security services must be defined,and can be shortened format as (CIA) [17].

2.2.1 Confidentiality Confidentiality services is the first objective of the web services. It means the restrict access to sensitive information and data to any person except the persons or groups who have security clearance to see these data. It measure and prevent the unauthorized disclosure of
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