Annotated Bibliography On World War 1

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Annotated Bibliography: The First International War Developed Flight and Damaged Countries. Topic: Flight and World War I. Thesis: World War I is also known as The First International War, this war had helped the development of flight and aerial warfare, but with events and several countries planning on war this war had damaged all countries involved in it. Morton, Desmond. “First World War.” Oxford Companion to Canadian History, Feb. 2006, pp. 224-226. Morton’s book The First World War gives a description of the alliance between Canada and Great Britain being prepared to answer the call of arms from Britain against Germany. This source would help my thesis because this was one of the many alliances that countries in the war would have to face. Using thus source to support my thesis by explain the power of their alliance they had in want oppositions they may have face together. No, I will not be using this source to disagree with. The author Desmond Morton has about 40 books and one of the most respected Canadian author’s. He has several books discussing war and events from Canada perspective to including where they stood in World War I. Winkler, Jonathan Reed. "Information Warfare in World War I." Journal of Military History, vol. 73, no. 3, July 2009, pp. 845-867. Winkler’s…show more content…
But, the aircrafts were eventually used for more than scouting ahead it later turned into a point of emphasis of where the war would take place. Using this source to support my thesis will help give a better understanding of what I will be writing about. I will be using this source to help the development of sub-points that I will be using in my research paper. The context of this source will help out on the claims and development of things I will discuss in my paper, and I will not use this document to disagree
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