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Discussion Board 6: Global Cultural Analysis of Israel Annotated Bibliography Liberty University BUSI604 References Ackerman, W. (2000). The Americanization of Israeli Education. Israel Studies, 5(1), 228-243. Retrieved from In his article, Walter Ackerman discusses the historical evolution of Israeli educational system. He notes that there were several influential people charged with a reformation of the education system in Israel, namely John Dewey, Alexander Dushkin and Isaac Berkson. Although American with educational backgrounds rooted in the United States, their “ideas of social justice and social engineering” were widely…show more content…
Further quoting Mavshan, Hebrew as a “nation building tool” was used with great success by the Zionist movement. This was used to combat the effects of “dispora” on the languages of the Jewish people. Not only did the Zionist movement encourage the use of Hebrew through extensive educational programs, but they also engaged in “active condemnation of alternative” languages. The article articulates this “battle” for the Hebrew language by documenting the early push for the national language in the city of Tel-Aviv. Chiswick, B. R. (1988). Hebrew Language Usage: Determinants and Effects on Earnings among Immigrants in Israel. Journal of Population Economics, 11(2), 253-271. Retrieved from Barry Chiswick, of the Department of Economics at the University of Illinois at Chicago, explores how speaking Hebrew as well as the degree of fluency a person has impacts their potential earnings in Israel. Ultimately, the author concludes that highly fluent Hebrew speakers who speak English as a second language are the top earners in Israel. He comes to this conclusion by explaining his data and the reasons to which he believes
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