Annotated Bibliography

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Annotated Bibliography
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Annotated Bibliography
Mayo Clinic (2011). Personal health record: A tool for managing your health. Retrieved from This source talks about how electronic health records makes it easy to gather and manage medical information in a secure location (Mayo Clinic, 2001, pg. 1). They explain what a health record is and what goes into it. The advantages and disadvantages to this system are discussed as well as if your information will be kept private. They tell you where you should start if your interested in using a personal health record system and they explain how the Mayo Clinic has a Health Manager that will
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They also explain all the benefits there are to EHRs. Then at the bottom of the page they have a blog going, so you can see what other people think related to this topic.
I obtained this site through Medline Plus, which has reliable information sources. There information is current, there is no advertising and they don’t endorse any product or company. The National Library of Medicine and the National Institutes of health produce and review their information. There audience I would say could be the patient, a students or anyone else in the medical field. I believe that the goal of this source was to leave you with a better understanding of the differences between EMR and EHR.
This information was greatly directed toward my topic, which is Electronic Medical/Health Records. It was straight to the point in stating what the main differences were between the two. This site will definitely aid in a research project because it gives a compare and contrast aspect to the project which so far the first two site did not. The more sites I go to the more interested I am becoming in this topic.
Ford, E., Menachemi, N., Huerta, T., & Yu, F. (2010). Hospital IT adoption strategies associated with implementation success: implications for achieving meaningful use. Journal Of Healthcare Management, 55(3), 174-188. Retrieved from CINAHL This article is called Hospital IT Adoption Strategies Associated with Implementation Success:

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