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Annotated Bibliography Tyre, Peg. "The Writing Revolution." The Atlantic. The Atlantic, Oct. 2012. Web. 20 Feb. 2013. The writing Revolution is written by Peg Tyre, who is the director of strategy at the Edwin Gould Foundation. He describes an education reform the occurred at Dorp High School, a school which otherwise may have been closed due to poor academic performance. The school's leader, Deirdre DeAngelis, drastically reformed the school’s curriculum and teaching methodology. The faculty, using DeAngelis’ methods, achieved significant success in improving their student’s academic achievements. They did so by focusing on the fundamentals: analytical and structured writing. In the article, Tyre describes the case of…show more content…
Annie doesn’t give cite specific findings or representative data. However, she does list three studies, where further information can be found. Beard, Roger, and Andrew Burrell. "Investigating Narrative Writing By 9–11-Year Olds." Journal Of Research In Reading 33.1 (2010): 77-93. Academic Search Premier. Web. 20 Feb. 2013. This journal article is published by Roger Beard and Andrew Burrell Roger is a professor of Primary Education and Head, School of Early Childhood and Primary Education at the Institute of Education, University of London; Andrew is School of Early Childhood and Primary Education, Institute of Education, University of London. They make a standardised task with repetitive design to study narrative writing by 112 elementary students (60 boys, 52 girls) in England. The test includes a 10-minute description writing task and a 30-minute narrative writing task, and the kids are been teaching by specially trained panels. From the test, the students writing have been increased. The author state, “More specifically, there was greater use of action to develop character and main event, connectives to inject suspense, exclamations for impact, adventurous vocabulary to add interest and verbs to emphasize action, thoughts or feelings.” (90) The result of this study would be beneficial on researching literacy education and children's interest. This is a great source for writing education, because it has many data from
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