Annotated Bibliography : Parks And Recreation Ravaged By Hurricane Katrina

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Annotated Bibliography Avrasin, Maya. “Parks and Recreation Ravaged by Hurricane Katrina.(Tip-Off: NEWS FROM THE FIELD).” Parks & Recreation, vol. 40, no. 10, 2005, pp. 24+. Academic OneFile, go.gale This is an academic article that details the effects of Hurricane Katrina on the parks systems of various cities on the gulf coast. For example, the writer examines the state of the parks in Jackson, Mississippi. An interview with the parks director for the area reveals that the parks have been ravaged, and that the winds from Katrina caused $600,000 in fallen tree damage alone to the parks facilities. This information is important because it examines the monetary costs of the damage to the parks facilities of various places affected by Hurricane Katrina. “America’s Great Outdoors: Statue of Liberty to Reopen by July 4th Repairs Progressing on Docks, Energy Infrastructure and Other Facilities Damaged by Hurricane Sandy.” States News Service, 19 Mar. 2013, pp. 1. Academic OneFile, A322912745&v=2.1&u=tel_a_utl&it=r&p=AONE&sw=w. This is a news article written to inform the public that the damage done to the Liberty Island National Park would be repaired and then the park would be open to the public by July 4th. Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar said that the docks and security systems of the park had been extensively damaged by Hurricane Sandy. He went on to say

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