Annotated Bibliography: Sexual Violence Against Women and Children

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Sexual Violence: Rape Demonstrations (1) Walthen, CN, Harriet, MA, and Macmillan, L (2003) Interventions for Violence Against Women: Scientific Review. JAMA. 5 Feb 2003. Vol. 289, No.5. Retrieved from: The work of Walthen, Harriet, and Macmillan (2003) examines intimate partner violence and how it is prevalent and associated with significant impairment however, the report states that it is not clear which interventions if any serve to reduce the rates of abuse and reabuse of women. The objective of the study reported is to conduct a systematic review from the view of primary health care of the evidence available on interventions focused at the prevention of abuse or reabuse of women. Data sources reviewed in the study include MEDLINE, PsycINFO, CINAHL, HealthStar, and Sociological Abstracts were searched from the database start dates to March 2001 using database-specific key words such as domestic violence, spouse abuse, partner abuse, shelters, and battered women." (p.1) Conclusion of the study report that a great deal has been learned about the epidemiology of violence against women however, there is a serious gap in the knowledge about evidence-based approaches in the primary care setting toward the prevention of intimate partner violence. The study concludes by stating that a primary research priority is the evaluations of interventions focused on improving the health and well-being of women who has suffered
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