Annotated Bibliography : Ten Roles For Teachers Leaders

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Annotated Bibliography: Ten Roles for Teacher Leaders

Harrison, C., & Killion, J. (2007). Ten roles for teacher leaders. Educational Leadership, 65, 74-77.
Teacher leaders support their campuses in a variety of ways both formally and informally. The article outlines ten ways in which teachers can contribute to the success of their campus.
1. Resource Provider – Helps one another by sharing instructional resources.
2. Instructional Specialist – Helps colleagues implement teaching strategies.
3. Curriculum Specialist – Leads teachers to agree on standards, follow adopted curriculum, use common pacing charts and develop shared assessments.
4. Classroom Supporter – Helps teachers implement new ideas.
5. Learning Facilitator – Facilitates professional development.
6. Mentor – Serves as a mentor to new teachers.
7. School Leader – Serves on committees which support school initiatives.
8. Data Coach – Helps peers analyze data to drive instruction.
9. Catalyst of Change – Poses questions to generate analysis of student learning.
10. Learner – Use what they learn to help all students.

The authors’ assertion that teachers can lead on campus is very credible. I believe that administrators need to understand that teachers exhibit leadership in multiple ways. I also agree that as teachers begin to look for leadership roles, other opportunities will present themselves. Based on their talents and interests teachers should be able to find a way to add value on
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