Annotated Bibliography : Text Retrieval

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Text Retrieval
Text Retrieval and techniques are modified by many commercial and many open sources in the domain of information retrieval. Text retrieval refers to the process of searching for texts, information within collections, or metadata about documents. It is assigned to answer for relevant documents, not just simple matches to patterns. When considering indexing and searching applications, users may find and consider among many products available on the market. Mainly, the products can be grouped into two categories. The first of these categories are information retrieval libraries that can be easily developed and embedded into application. The second consists of ready to apply indexing and searching applications that are basically designed to work with particular types of data, and are therefore less flexible (Molková 2011). Some of the famous libraries cover text retrieval topic are introduced in next section. Xapian
Xapian is written in C++ and is an open source engine library that released with General Public License (GPL). It covers bindings for many languages including Perl, Python, PYTHON, and Java. The recent release of Xapian 0.8.5 consists of noteworthy features which are for ranked probabilistic search, relevance feedback, and phrase and proximity searching. Developed code can build a parser for many rich document types at its disposal. Moreover, it provides an IR library, finally it comes with a search application named Omega, and it should be

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