Annotated Bibliography The Death Penalty

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Annotated Bibliography: Death Penalty Have you ever wondered during any point of your life about the severity or how influential the death penalty is on criminals and the U.S citizens? If you haven’t never given it consideration before, you will after this argumentative essay. The death penalty is a government practice where a person is sentenced to death by a state for a crime they have committed and even dates back to the 1600s. Out of fifty states, thirty-two still have the death penalty in effect. Even with the death penalty still occurring in these states, not too many states sentence criminals to it anymore. However, Texas is one of the states that still rely on the punishment heavily which then corrupts their state spending for beneficial things such as emergencies, roads, or economy. Although the death penalty might seem like a good idea to end a person’s life, I for one, however, believe that the death penalty is outdated for the 21st Century and should be abolished. It is not surprising that a vast number of U.S citizens support the death penalty and in result of this, they most likely don’t put themselves in the predicament. If they had a close family member of theirs about to be executed, I’m most certain that they would have a change of tone. One reason I oppose and despise the death penalty is because individuals are being falsely accused and executed for crimes they didn’t commit and the real criminals are still free. In his book, “The Death Penalty”,
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