Annotated Bibliography : The Feminine Mystique

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Annotated Bibliography Betty, Friedan. The Feminine Mystique. 1963 W.W. Norton & Company, Inc., 2001. The Feminine Mystique is a first person narrative about the struggles of feminism. It highlights the problems of women in the 1950s to the 1960s and challenges gender roles. The book includes several first person interviews and discusses the Second Wave of feminism. It introduces the idea of the sexulization of women being used in consumerism and the lack of sexual education in school during the time. The Feminine Mystique is a useful resource because it is considered the groundbreaking book about feminism and lists issues that women have had to deal with from the 1960s until now. The book could be used to argue the struggles that women have faced and continue to face. D'Agostino, Joseph A. "Feminists Are to Blame for the Sexualization of Girls." Is Childhood Becoming Too Sexualized, edited by Olivia Ferguson and Hayley Mitchell Haugen, Greenhaven Press, 2010. At Issue. Opposing Viewpoints in Context, Accessed 20 Nov. 2017. Originally published as "Feminism, Consumerism, & the Sexualization of Girls,", 2 Mar. 2007. Joseph A. D’Agostino article discussses the oversexulization of girls due to feminsm. Feminism does not allow for domesticity to be attractive and by teaching free thinking allows for young girls to be too open with their sexuality. Men can not be persecuted for their thoughts and feelings because of how sexualizetion women have become, not only due to feminism but consumerism as well. He states in the article that sex is no longer seen as a taboo thing, but more like a “business transaction”. D’Agostino has exhibited studies by the American Psychological Association’s (APA) that has observed young girls diaries over several decades which showed that girls’ ideas of what is attractive has changed from inner beauty to outer beauty. His argument could be used in an argumentative paper in to discuss an opposing viewpoints that contradicts feminism. "Feminism." Gale Student Resources in Context, Gale, 2016. Student Resources in Context,

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