Annotated Bibliography : Women 's Equality

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Jessica Boldman ENGL 1102-07 16 September 2015 Women’s Equality in Sports: Annotated Bibliography Women’s equality is an issue that has been around for awhile. While women have been given many rights to increase equality, including the right to vote and go to college, the problem hasn’t completely vanished. One area that still sees this is in sports. Women’s sports do not draw nearly as many fans and are not covered in the media as much as men’s sports, pay differences between male and female athletes are large, and female athletes have to wait longer to start their professional career than men, which risks their professional career before it even starts. In today’s world, men’s sports seem to always be in the spotlight while women’s sports do not draw much attention, as if women who play sports are not taken seriously. This happens on all levels of sports, and I have personally experienced it myself through basketball in high school. While the gym would be full for any of the boys’ games, our games had very little support with almost empty bleachers. When it comes to the professional level, when women’s sports do get covered by the media, most people judge female athletes more on their looks rather than their athletic skill, which is negative and unfair. Duru, N. Jeremi. “Hoop Dreams Deferred: The WNBA, The NBA, And The Long-Standing Gender Inequality At The Game’s Highest Level.” Utah Law Review 2015.3 (2015): 599-603. Web. 8 September 2015. Although this article
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