Annotated Bibliography of Articles Published on the Healing Touch

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Bardia, A., (2006). Efficacy of Complementary and Alternative Medicine Therapies in Relieving Cancer Pain: A Systematic Review. Journal of Clinical Oncology. 24 (34): 457-64. Anecdotal evidence abounds regarding the use of complementary and alternative medicine therapies when dealing with issues of pain. One of the clear issues is that there is a lack of rigorous and well-developed scholarly literature on the subject. In this study, 18 trials were reviewed totaling 1,499 patients. Seven trials reported significant benefits using CAM, seven reported intermediate or short term benefits, and four studies reported no benefits. The researchers conclude that there are a number of variables and a number of types of CAM, all which require more methodologically sound studies in order to determine actual efficacy of individual interventions. Jones, T., Glover, L. (2012). Exploring the Psychological Processes Underlying Touch: Lessons From the Alexander Technique. Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy. EPub: doi 10.1002/cpp.1824. Any behavioral psychologist knows that touch is extremely significant for human beings. It does, however, cause controversy at times, even with the physical contact of such things as a hug during psychotherapy sessions. In this case, six individuals were interviewed who had received the Alexander Technique, and 111 completed surveys. The data suggests that there is incompatibility between touch and the spoken word, touch is far more believable

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